Waiting on a Wednesday: The Lake House by Kate Morton

kate morton

I am excited about this one. Very excited. This is how excited I am. I pre-ordered The Lake House on May 8th and it is due out in the UK on … 22nd October (20th October in the US and Canada; 21st October in Australia and New Zealand. It’s a wonder I haven’t thought about upping sticks to the States just to get the book two days earlier …. Oh!).

Kate Morton is probably the only author whose works I anticipate to such a level. Why? The short answer is that I have loved every single one of her previous books: The House at Riverton, The Forgotten Garden, The Distant Hours, and The Secret Keeper. Morton’s books bring me closest to that magical, spellbound feeling my childhood reading brought me. She is a consummate storyteller.

Morton writes what I would describe as Contemporary Gothic novels, which tell tales of the past haunting the present and have classics like Jane Eyre and Rebecca as their literary grandmothers. They are usually set in dual time periods and involve a character from the present coming to terms with their past, and/or solving some kind of mystery from the past, typically within their own family. There is a formula at work here, then, but for me, things never get formulaic with Morton: I always know, roughly, what I am going to get and she always delivers.

The Lake House sticks with this formula and promises another spellbinding read. There is a great synopsis on Morton’s own website so I shall avoid going into unnecessary detail here. All I will say is, roll on October 22nd!

Any other Kate Morton fans out there eagerly anticipating The Lake House? Let me know! Then take your place behind me in the queue …


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